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about us

Meet the makers

About us - Habib and Seema, the co-founders of Soon to be Wed Luxury Wedding Stationery

A little about us… We are Seema and Habib, a graphic design duo based in London and the team behind Soon to be Wed. We both have creative backgrounds, with over 20 years of experience in art and design between us. Together, we have been creating wedding stationery for many years as a side interest. However, that all changed after planning and organising our own wedding, we loved it so much we decided to start our own business! And so, Soon to be Wed was born.

Seema takes the lead in handling enquiries and social media, while Habib works his magic behind the scenes, bringing your designs to life. Both of us share production because we love it so much! It’s more than just a job for us, wedding stationery is our shared passion, and we pour our hearts into every project we undertake.

Weddings are such a happy and beautiful time in people’s lives, and we feel lucky to be part of the process. We believe stationery goes beyond being just a necessity, it has the power to transform your big day into something truly exceptional. With our keen eye for design and in-house luxury finishes, we strive to elevate your wedding stationery to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

about us

Our ethos

Our goal is simple: to create invitations that make your guests feel an overwhelming sense of happiness, joy, and excitement as they open the envelope and discover they’re invited to be part of your big day.

on the day wedding stationery escort cards with hand tied ribbon
embossed inclusive wedding invitation
Luxury handmade finishes - hot pressed foil block in design studio

We believe in inclusivity

We’re an LGBTQI+ inclusive business and welcome all couples. We believe that love is love and we want to be part of your wedding journey.

We believe in great service

We understand the importance of providing exceptional service and support throughout your entire stationery journey. From the first consultation to the final delivery, we strive to make the experience smooth, memorable, and enjoyable.

Your stationery should be both beautiful and functional

Your stationery provides your guests with a taste of what’s to come. We take pride in crafting wedding stationery that reflects your unique style and personal taste, ensuring that every piece is a true reflection of your unique love story.

We believe in the power of good material

We take pride in using high-quality materials with our in-house handmade luxury finishes to truly elevate your wedding stationery.

We pride ourselves on our strong attention to detail

We maintain strict quality control throughout the production process, ensuring that every piece meets our own personal standards using our in-house services to assure the best quality control throughout production.

Now that you know more about us, we’d love to get to know you!

If you like our stationery and think Soon to be Wed is a good match for you, enquire today and let’s have a chat about your wedding stationery and see if we are a good fit. 

 Our carbon footprint

As a small business, we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We use fully recyclable boxes, tape and honeycomb packing in our invitation orders. To protect our stationery and the environment we use biodegradable and compostable packing bags and we try to be as conscious as we can. In some cases, we need to use bubble wrap only when really needed and try to reuse packing material wherever possible. All of our hot-pressed foil is fully recyclable.